VPN deal: time’s almost up to bag 67% off and ace freebie from one of world’s best VPNs

IPVanish has spent February – the 8th anniversary of its immaculate conception – by dishing out the discounts. One of the very best VPN providers in the world has gone big on discounts and cheeky freebies, but that all ends the minute that March arrives.

Yep, up to February 29 you can get a year of IPVanish’s superb VPN service for just $47.88 (the equivalent of a mere $3.99 a month). That’s 12 months of ultimate protection online and restriction-free exploration of the internet.

Not only is IPVanish a world leader in the VPN game, we also rank it among our top three best VPN service overall. You’re getting a fast performance, connection of up to 10 devices, unlimited usage, access to over 1,300 servers and most importantly, the ability to unblock Netflix in overseas countries and other restricted sites.

And, as an added bonus, IPVanish will also give you a year’s access to SugarSync cloud storage. That’s a full 250GB space for all your photos, tunes and videos. When we reviewed the service, the biggest problem we could find was that it was too expensive…so not a problem with this offer!

If all of this sounds like your ideal package then scroll down to see all of the details in full or check out our best VPN deals guide for all of the very best offers on cyber privacy.

VPN deal: 67% birthday discount from IPVanish

IPVanish VPN | 1 year | 67% off | $283.76 $47.88 (roughly £37)
This is one serious discount. You will be saving a massive 67% over the 12 months for ultimate protection online and borderless exploration of the internet. IPVanish gets you connection to up to 10 devices, unlimited protected internet usage and VPN servers in over 75 countries – and all for the equivalent of less than $4 a month.


What can you do with a VPN

There are traditionally two main reasons you might want to get a VPN like IPVanish – protecting yourself online and avoiding internet restrictions. In terms of online safety, a VPN uses encryption technologies to mask your IP address so you can’t be tracked. Simply, it makes it a lot harder for you to be traced on the internet.

Their other use is a bit wider in its functionality and realistically more popular. VPNs can allow you to work around restrictions online which means watching your favourite channels in other countries, getting cheaper deals on flights and trains and watch any country’s Netflix no matter where you are. 

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